Women in Leadership

Six Stories of Alumnae Success

Joanna Bauza and students

Joanna M. Bauza (MBA ’01) (center), president of the Cervantes Group, teaches a course in leadership at DePaul.

Since 1917, women have been studying in DePaul’s business school and carving out challenging careers for themselves. To commemorate this historic 100th anniversary milestone, six highly successful alumnae reflect on their professional lives and share advice for the next generation of women leaders.

Traversing the world and making meaningful contributions in diverse industries, these remarkable women have broken barriers and advanced their careers with sure footing on uneven terrain. Indeed, a new national initiative among more than 30 influential corporate CEOs called Paradigm for Parity launched recently to close the gender gap in business and create a new normal that brings power, status and opportunity into balance for women and men.

Meanwhile, a new book by Joann Lublin, management news editor for the Wall Street Journal, explores the stories of 52 female executives, laying bare both the progress women in leadership have made and the obstacles that remain on their path to equality on the career ladder. In “Earning It: Hard-Won Lessons from Trailblazing Women at the Top of the Business World,” Lublin found that resilience, persistence and confidence were among the most valuable traits of women executives.

The women profiled here possess these qualities and have powerful advice for women following in their footsteps:

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